Before you can add new social media sources to be fetched, please connect your own social media profiles at Your Profile.

New: Filter function

Many of you requested the feature to be able to fetch posts from individual accounts/pages based on specific keywords or hashtags. With Version 2.1.2, it is now possible to filter posts already when fetching them. Select a regular Twitter/Instagram/RSS account and filter it according to specific keywords (Twitter, Instagram, RSS Feeds) or Hashtags (Twitter, Instagram).

Example: Adding the Twitter account @swissteam (Swiss Olympic Team) and further filter it with the Hashtags #rio2016 and #gold. Under Approve Posts you will now only see Twitter posts from Swiss Olympic featuring the Hashtags #rio2016 and #gold within their posts.


You can add public Facebook pages (no private accounts) by pasting the name of the Facebook account in the field ¬ęSource/Feed). The individual Facebook account name can be found on the home page of your Facebook account or by looking at the Facebook URL on your Facebook page (e.g.

In case the account you wish to add has no account name but is a combination between name and number, you have to use only the ID (e.g.

Always put the @ in front of the Facebook name/id when adding the source/feed.


You can fetch individual Twitter accounts, hashtags or even keywords by adding them at Source/Feed. The account name can be found by viewing at the Twitter account below the icon or by looking at the Twitter URL once you access a particular account. Always add an account with the prefix @, respectively with the symbol # for Hashtags.


Storyshaker lets you fetch posts from public Instagram pages or hashtags. Always add a page with the prefix @, respectively with the Hashtag symbol #.

RSS Feeds

Our latest addition is the possibility to fetch RSS feeds. Select in the drop-down menu RSS Feeds as source and add a RSS Feed URL under Source/Feed. Most online media platforms offer RSS feeds (e.g.

Please note that it can take some minutes after adding new sources until first results arrive under Approve Posts.

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