New Wall Style Embed:

  • Optimized configuration options

  • Improved performance

Improved Teaser Embed:

  • Optimized context menu "Manage" on "Embeds" page (270)

  • Optimized configuration of "Call to Actions" (250, 327)

  • Always provide the correct embed code (362)

  • Color of Story title can be changed by mouse-over

Other Improvements:

  • "Social Share" information is now stored as well for unpublished Stories, so that it can later be easily edited (168)

  • Removed some unneeded scroll bars that sometimes appeared (170, 203)

  • A button helps to go back to "Embeds" from "Embed Configuration" page (322)

  • Improved error message for problems with "Social Media Sources" from Facebook (350)

  • The layout of Social Posts slightly changed in "Approve Posts", so that there are more links to the social media platform (358)


  • Background of "Delete Posts" button in "Approve Posts" was sometimes transparent (295)

  • Clicks on Readmore-Button are counted in Analytics as well (348)

  • Fixed some issues with fonts, so that there should not be any browser console errors about missing CSS files (351)

  • Posts published directly from "Unpublished Stories" are now appearing in Content Network as well (356)

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