Small Improvements:

  • Opening the full Storyshaker from Teaser Embed, opens now in same tab instead in new tab (STOR-33)

  • Removed "Trending Topics" from new Wall Style Embeds (STOR-49)

  • Links on new Teaser Embed have been improved (STOR-50)

  • Automatic return to list after adding or editing a Social Source (STOR-90)

  • Reducing size of JavaScript file for new embeds (STOR-99)

  • Improved embed preview, providing zoom feature (328)

  • Color picker when uploading a PDF to a Story (340)


  • Navigation was not always fully shown (STOR-56)

  • Fixed problem with Instagram posts that could "destroy" whole embed (STOR-84)

  • Fixed color configuration for PDF (STOR-89)

  • Fixed style of share icons on new wall style embed (STOR-116)

  • Invitation mails for new Storyshaker customers were not always sent (STOR-117)

  • Emojis and special characters could not be shared to Facebook/Twitter (STOR-119)

  • Fixed problem with navigation bar in new wall style embed (STOR-140)

  • Fixed font size problem in new wall style embed (STOR-142)

  • Fixed layout of ribbon in new wall style embed (STOR-144)

  • Sometimes Typekit Fonts could not be added (244)

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