There are three different ways how you can add a Youtube video to your Storyshaker story.

Condition: First you have to set-up your connection to Youtube in your Profile. Only once a connection has been established Storyshaker is allowed to fetch videos from or to Youtube. 

o. A new box appears. Simply choose your video file (.mp4, .mov or .avi), add your description and upload the video directly to your connected Youtube account. Once the upload has terminated, the video will be embedded in your Story. 

2. Insert URL

The second option to integrate a Youtube video is by using the feature Insert URL. Simply paste a Youtube URL (such as into the the field and click Insert. The system automatically converts the URL into a Youtube player. It will automatically scale the Youtube player according to the space available. 

3. Insert Code

For all those who still prefer to work with actual HTML code: Thanks to the Insert Code feature within your Storyshaker editor, you can also add the full embed code from Youtube into your story. 

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