New Features:

  • Introduction of "Customer Account" (STOR-23, STOR-171, STOR-208) 

  • View and manage your account's subscription (STOR-157)

  • Management of Storyshakers within an account (STOR-184)

  • Added the possibility to pay by credit card (STOR-25, STOR-170)

  • Introduction of different subscriptions (STOR-260)

  • Possibility to pay automatically when subscription ends (STOR-271)

  • Payment information sent in a mail (STOR-26)

  • Introduction of discounts for payment (STOR-220)

  • New fast and filterable list view to manage all contents (STOR-123)

  • Beta version of new Box Style layout (STOR-42, STOR-265)

Improved Styling:

  • Login Page (STOR-209)

  • Dashboard including new functions (STOR-196)

  • New top header including navigation (STOR-179) 

  • New design for left menu (STOR-181)

Bugfixes and Improvements:

  • Improved "Switch Storyshaker" function (STOR-143)

  • Images of file type Bitmap (.bmp) cannot be published to Twitter anymore (STOR-219)

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