New Features:

  • None

Bugfixes and Improvements:

  • Optimizations and cosmetic improvements of Story Editor (STOR-298)

> It is now possible to select the very beginning of the content, if certain elements have been added (custom elements: Video, Read More, Insert Code, Quote, etc.)

> Insert URL Videos from YouTube are now shown in „Full width“. This applies to both copy-n-paste URL from YouTube and insert link option

> Styles in Editor are now the same as in Default Embed. This applies to both Story Editor and preview mode.

> It is now possible to Delete of custom elements by backspace

  • Correcting search function on Manage Content page, to enable full text search (SSD-18)

  • New box layout: Stories accessed from teaser embed are now showing in full width, not only in single column (STOR-309)

  • Box layout: Storyshakers with 3 stories 'pinned' are now correctly displayed in new box embed (STOR-311)

  • Stories in new Box Layout are now ordered by publish date (STOR-313)

  • Fix for mouse over color setting not being applied for new teaser embed (STOR-306)

  • Box layout: loadmore skew effect now working (STOR-314)

  • Un-branding of Storyshaker (“Powered by”) with new embeds is fixed (STOR-310)

  • Fix for Scheduled stories being published twice (SSD-38)

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