New Features:

  • New writing API for stories (STOR-226) 

  • Enabling of Invoice payments in the product (STOR-303)

  • Subscribing for Premium even if currently ongoing trial is Basic (STOR-327)

  • Allow change the payment period/method if the Subscription is not changed (STOR-336)

  • Manage trial period in User Management admin (STOR-70)

  • New design and back-end for Board view of Manage Contents page (STOR-318)

  • Storyshaker Advertisement CTAs (STOR-262)

  • Skeleton loading for Embeds: lite solution (STOR-325)

  • Header image position (STOR-221)

Bugfixes and Improvements:

  • Fix for the issue with not working SDA (STOR-322)

  • Fix for the ticket with wrongly showing teaser embed in IE11 (SSD-??)

  • Fixes in Borderless Embed Navigation Style (Part of SSD-61)

  • A few Internally found bugs

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