In spring 2019 we upgraded the technology behind our existing embeds. The new embeds are faster and offer more design possibilities (such as a skeleton effect). In order to speed up our releases, we decided to roll out new design features to the new embeds. 

That's why we highly recommend – if you have not done yet – to upgrade your existing embeds to the new versions. 

If you want change from an old embed to a new one, you only need to follow the instructions below:

  1. Create a new embed by cloning one of the presets (Box, Teaser or Wall) with the description "new".

  2. Copy & Paste the same configurations (BASIC, STYLING, NAVIGATION) like in your old embed to your new one or take the opportunity to try something new.

  3. Copy the embed code, go to your website CMS and replace your old Storyshaker code with it. 

Please note: If you use tags in your old embed, you also need to configurate the new embed with the same restrictions and navigation tabs.

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