New Features:

  • SEO: solution finalized (STOR-403/SSD-58) 

  • URL shortener service replacement (STOR-426)

  • Width of general content within expanded stories (STOR-429)

  • Width of individual blocks within an expanded story (STOR-430)

  • New Story Editor finalization (navigation pane always visible on top, and other issues finalized e.g. STOR-438, STOR-439)

  • New LinkedIn channel for social sharing capability/ so far sharing only function (STOR-441)

  • New embed settings for readmore button (SSD-124)

  • Super users - all pages/functions to be available in Admin tool (STOR-431)

  • New e-mail delivery channel (STOR-440)

  • Changes in customer accounts limitations and handling (2 and 4 months for event subscriptions; 1 account 1 Storyshaker; SSD-94)

  • Emojis on Social Posts (SSD-126)

  • Indication of a top story on Manage page (SSD-92)

Bugfixes and Improvements:

Fixes for a few customer tickets and internally found bugs

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