With our latest release we made some big improvements in our publishing process. Instead of publishing just to a website or a single social media destination, it is now possible to publish to as many destinations as you want. 

In this article we are going to explain you how the brand new publishing process works. 

Create your core story

Under “Create Story” you are able to publish and distribute your own stories and social media posts. We kept the editor very simple – here you find the usual options you already know from other CMS or MS Word. Change the pre-defined font size or color, insert URL’s or images or upload a PDF.

On the right-hand corner, you can choose the header image of your story. Crop the image to the optimum size for every device. 

Optionally you can add navigation tags or an author name. It is also possible to mark your story as a top story or pin the post to the top of the newsroom. 

Social Media Mode

On the upper right-hand corner, you can switch from “Normal Mode” to “Social Media Mode” in case you only want to publish on social media. 

At the moment it's only possible to publish with one image to social media. We are working on improving this feature, so that you can also upload several images as well as a video. 

When everything is done, you only need to click on “Save & Continue”.

Choose destinations

Next you are able to choose the destinations for your story – either for websites or social media accounts. Simply activate all destinations where your story should be published. 

Select a preferred destination to see a preview of your social post or story. By clicking on the red editing button, you can change the content of each destination separately. 

Final Review & Publish

In the final step you have the possibility to review each destination one last time before publishing. Now all you have to do is decide when you want to publish the story, and that’s it. Click on “Publish” and your story is online on all destinations you selected. 

What's next?

Currently we are working on further improving the multi-channel publishing process. Next on our radar is direct publishing to Instagram (feed and stories), individual targeting options for each social media destination as well as more options to publish photos, videos and links. 

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