Welcome to the Storyshaker family! 

In this article we are going to show you how to set up your account. And don’t be afraid, it shouldn’t take you more than five minutes.

1. Click on the menu item “Your Profile” in the upper right corner.

In this menu, you can connect all your social media accounts. And don’t worry, we don’t use nor save your personal data. For Facebook and Instagram it's necessary to connect with your personal Facebook account, which has to be part of a Business Manager. (For Instagram connection please read this.)

2. In the dropdown menu “Settings” on the left side of your Storyshaker you see the item “Sources”. In this menu you can add your favourite profiles and hashtags. You can either let posts from these sources be published automatically to your desired web destination or choose to approve posts manually. 

3. Now you can create your first destination. 

Currently you can choose between three predefined layouts and two teasers or social media profiles. In the right top corner you can create the destination to make your own web embed, including themes, font, the colors or renaming of the buttons. 

In the mouse-over menu you also find the embed code for the integration on your website. 

Create a destination to publish directly on your own social media channels.

4. You are ready now. Let’s publish your first story! 

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